A Sweet, Secluded Spot – RHS Harlow Carr

Reading time 8 minutes

Somehow the delights of Harrogate, an elegant spa town in the north of England, have consistently eluded me. So on my first visit in […]

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Daily Flower Candy: Eucomis bicolor

Reading time 1 minute

Here’s a real Carmen Miranda of a plant, an exotic bulb that’s got all the pizzazz of a tropical pineapple.  Eucomis bicolor has just […]

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Uncouth Cats and Kamikaze Kisses

Reading time 6 minutes

On Saturday we a had a visitation from the Assistant County Organiser for the Kent National Gardens Scheme. So naturally, what could go wrong […]

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A Floral Cure

Reading time 2 minutes

Apart from having a hectic work week, I’ve also been struggling with blogger’s block. Lots to write about but just not finding the requisite […]

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Wallington Hall, Cambo, Northumberland

Reading time 9 minutes

Northumberland is a wonderful, wild, unspoilt county in the north of England, once the frontier between rampaging Celts and civilised Romans. The region is […]

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Summer Serendipity

Reading time 5 minutes

The English language is full of wonderful words, if only one can find the opportunity to use them. Thought to be one of the […]

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A Little Bit of Paradise

Reading time 3 minutes

At the end of July we travelled north to the cathedral city of Durham.  My partner (aka ‘Him Indoors’) grew up on a picture-perfect […]

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Herterton House, Cambo, Northumberland

Reading time 8 minutes

To my great shame I have never visited Northumberland before, although I once pretend to for a school project on organic farming. Sorry Mrs […]

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Hampton Court Flower Show 2013: Hot Gardens

Reading time 8 minutes

Above, ‘Mid Century Modern’ designed by Adele Ford and Susan Wilmott We’re so accustomed to the British Summer being a wash out, it’s a […]

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In The Garden This Week

Reading time 4 minutes

Our coastal garden is starting to look really exciting now, with lots of lush growth being encouraged by the warm sunshine.  It’s still very […]

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Hampton Court Flower Show 2013: My Top 10 Plants

Reading time 10 minutes

Like a horticultural fashion show, Britain’s flower shows provide the launch pad for new ideas in gardening and the latest introductions from breeders and […]

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