A Floral Cure

Apart from having a hectic work week, I’ve also been struggling with blogger’s block. Lots to write about but just not finding the requisite levels of inspiration. Finally the spell has been broken by the talented florists from Hibya Kadan in Japan, who have staged an exquisite exhibit at the Maison et Objet show in Paris. Describing it as floristry doesn’t do justice to the sculptural display. Red dahlias and equisetums burst forth from an opening in a glass dining table, a flower-covered umbrella hovers above a rippling pool of foliage, and tree trunks topped with brightly coloured chrysanthemums rise from hummocks of moss, berries and succulents. This is the kind of talent that really excites me – a new way of handling natural materials to create a genuine work of art.


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2 thoughts on “A Floral Cure

  1. OMG….I saw that display today. They were replacing the dead bits! Exquisite artistry. Such a gift to be able to create such beauty, stunning. Wish they could come And do my flowers every week!

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