I managed to spend a whole 20 hours in the UK between trips to the USA and Amsterdam. In that time I unpacked, repacked, did a live tutorial on how to dress a Christmas tree on Facebook and slept, very badly indeed. After another early start I now find myself fogbound at London City Airport; out of sync, out of body and out of mind. You might imagine I had already been at the hashish, but it’s jet-lag, I promise. Meanwhile I have three posts on the go: one about Terrain, the fabulous garden centre from the Anthropologie stable; one about a walk along the High Line Park with Him Indoors; and another on the bright lights of New York City. Plus I have a cute little Christmas tree that comes through the letterbox to review … and an excellent new book about Daffodils by Helen O’Neill that I can’t wait to lose myself in. Quite when my feet will touch the ground again I don’t know, but when they do I’ll be a busy boy!

Image above: Echinacea, New York High Line Park, December 2016.

Image below: Artfully planted globe terrarium, Terrain, Westport, Connecticut, December 2016.