Trees and Shrubs

Plant Profile: Strophanthus boivinii

Reading time 8 minutes

I started this blog with a clear personal ambition to preserve what I already knew about plants and to encourage further learning. It was […]

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The Watch House in Early May

Reading time 10 minutes

I’m a little bit stuck at the moment. I don’t so much have writers’ block as writers’ constipation; that is, lots of posts backing […]

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Gardens of Miami No. 1 – The Kampong

Reading time 18 minutes

First of all, thank you for your patience whilst I have been away on holiday and taking a short break from blogging. It’s been […]

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Morrab Gardens, Penzance, Cornwall

Reading time 11 minutes

March can be a wild and windy month, especially in the far south-west of Cornwall. So it was that we turned up at Trewidden […]

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Reading time 7 minutes

Some days and some jobs are just awkward. Some days some jobs are awkward and the next day they feel straightforward. Why? I don’t […]

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Magnolia × veitchii ‘Peter Veitch’

Reading time 4 minutes

My ‘proper’ camera, a now rather dated DSLR, has been in a cupboard since September. I know it takes better photographs than an iPhone, […]

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Camellias: Harbingers of Spring

Reading time 9 minutes

Spring arrives a little earlier in Cornwall than elsewhere in England. The far South West is blessed with a mild, maritime climate which ensures […]

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My Top Tips for Buying a Real Christmas Tree

Reading time 12 minutes

Part of my day job is buying Christmas trees for British department store John Lewis & Partners. It’s a task I particularly enjoy since […]

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An Extraordinary Autumn

Reading time 8 minutes

There comes a moment every autumn when I leave home and return again under the cover of darkness. Since I have been living full […]

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