Small Gardens

Biting Hard

Reading time 4 minutes

I have never enjoyed going to the dentist (that would be perverse), but equally I’ve never feared the experience either. Generally my twice-yearly visits […]

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Autumn Spice

Reading time 3 minutes

The problem with owning a garden dominated by evergreens and tropicals is that I don’t really get to experience autumn colour at home. My […]

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Last Vestiges

Reading time 5 minutes

  I returned from China to a garden clinging valiantly on to the glories of summer. It was a heart-warming homecoming, but the gift […]

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An Extraordinary Autumn

Reading time 8 minutes

There comes a moment every autumn when I leave home and return again under the cover of darkness. Since I have been living full […]

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Farewell to the summer of 2018

Reading time 7 minutes

  As the sun sets on August, what will be my abiding memories of summer 2018? It goes without saying that the heat and […]

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How to Grow Ornamental Gingers in UK Gardens

Reading time 24 minutes

  Ornamental gingers – we’ve admired them whilst on holiday in tropical countries, or seen them curated in the glasshouses of botanical gardens, but […]

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The Watch House NGS Open Day 2018

Reading time 14 minutes

  Over the weekend we welcomed over 300 visitors to The Watch House, breaking records and surprising us all. At times it was a […]

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Plant Profile: Asarina scandens

Reading time 6 minutes

As the heatwave drags on, my evenings are consumed by watering the garden. Already short, their length is reducing daily so that I am […]

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The Final Countdown

Reading time 12 minutes

Twenty days to go and the countdown to my NGS garden open weekend is well underway. In truth the garden does not need another […]

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