Large Gardens

Why Good Gardening is a Risky Business

Reading time 11 minutes

  Whilst you won’t find it on a list of extreme pursuits, gardening is all about taking risks. Tending a garden is one of […]

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Fond Farewells

Reading time 7 minutes

  If it were not for the soft patter of rain on the skylight above my desk, I might hear a pin drop. My […]

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In a Tuscan Garden

Reading time 11 minutes

  My job takes me to all sorts of interesting places, some nice, some not so nice, but always interesting. This week I have […]

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Great Dixter: Pots of Plenty

Reading time 11 minutes

  The recent chilly weather has had its pros and cons. The downside for eager gardeners who have been nurturing seedlings and planting out […]

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The Great Dixter Dozen

Reading time 3 minutes

  It’s rare that I sacrifice commentary for imagery, but as I look back over the photographs I took at Great Dixter last weekend, […]

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Great Dixter Spring Plant Fair 2017

Reading time 10 minutes

  Every visit to Great Dixter is a treat, but when the additional carrot of a plant fair is dangled in front of my […]

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Spring at The Salutation

Reading time 9 minutes

  If I were to win the lottery, The Salutation is the house I’d want to live in. I’d spend every spring and summer […]

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Spring Comes to Sissinghurst

Reading time 13 minutes

  How fortunate that my first visit to Sissinghurst this year should coincide with the warmest day of the spring so far. As the […]

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Le Jardin Secret, Marrakech

Reading time 20 minutes

  To create a new garden and open it to the public in the space of three years would be a challenge for the […]

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Il Giardino di Boboli, Florence

Reading time 18 minutes

  The Medici of Florence were not only one of the richest families in Europe for a time, but also phenomenal garden makers. They […]

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Going to The Chapel

Reading time 12 minutes

  When a new garden opens for the National Gardens Scheme in Thanet it’s a major event, principally because there are only three others, […]

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Stourhead Revisited

Reading time 8 minutes

  “We reached Stourhead at 3 o’clock. By that time the sun had penetrated the mist, and was gauzy and humid ….. Never do […]

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