The Great Dixter Dozen



It’s rare that I sacrifice commentary for imagery, but as I look back over the photographs I took at Great Dixter last weekend, I can’t help feeling they speak for themselves. And, being without my laptop, I’m also going to publish them as they were taken, with minimal enhancement and just a brief description.

I will save words to convey my thoughts on the gorgeous displays of spring bulbs and blossom in a forthcoming post. For now, please enjoy a dozen of the scenes that most captivated me last Saturday. TFG.


Espalier pear trained against a barn in the Meadow Garden


Lathraea clandestina, a root parasite found on species of willow, hazel, poplar and alder


Pathway shaded by euphorbias, hydrangeas and rhododendrons


Contorted larch in the Exotic Garden


Fig on weatherboard


Pots outside Great Dixter’s porch

The Exotic Garden, still in its winter clothing


Fritillaria meleagris in the orchard


Pots on the steps leading from the Blue Garden to the Wall Garden


Magnolia in the Orchard Garden


Plum blossom and fritillaria