Advent Thought For The Day: 14

December 14th: Keep Dancing

I’m now comfortably over the halfway point in my advent adventure. As is my wont, I blundered into it without really considering the time and effort involved, but since I’ve come this far, I am determined to continue. So far this series has been an eclectic mix of commentary on subjects as diverse as the weather, Christmas carols and, inevitably, Brexit. I have tended to decide what I will write on the spur of the moment, rather than planning ahead. This works perfectly well until I have a mental block, so I do keep a couple of ideas up my sleeve. Any further suggestions will be gratefully received. Thank you to everyone for your words of encouragement.

The run up to Christmas is for me a frantic and sometimes lonely affair. I am caught in a pincer movement between an increasingly busy work schedule and the escalating pressure to have my home ready for Christmas. I am sure I am not the only person who finds the build up to the big day less idyllic in reality than it is in my imagination. A long commute does not help, taking a big chunk out of my day. And then I can’t resist setting myself extreme tasks to do: decorating six Christmas trees is not what a normal person does. I should, perhaps, sell tickets for people to come and see them.

This weekend offers a welcome break from festive preparations in the shape of the Strictly Come Dancing final. I have watched avidly since series two, and now it’s as much part of my autumn / winter routine as buying a new sweater and turning the central heating on. These days I barely watch any television, but on Saturday nights from September you’ll find me in my basement ‘snug’ with a steam iron in one hand and a G&T in the other, watching the pro-celebrity partners showcase their heel leads, chasse capes and botafogos whilst I press my collars and cuffs. When I do watch television it is for escapism and amusement. I can’t be bothered with ‘noir’ or anything that requires a lot of brain power. Strictly is pure joy: glitzy, glamorous, a little bit funny and a little bit emotional. All the finalists are good this year, so I shan’t mind who wins. It will be nice to share a few glasses of Prosecco with friends and award our own scores using make-shift paddles.

Like playing the piano, dancing is one of the things I wish I had learned to do when I was younger. I know it’s possible to learn at any age, but I always want to be the best at everything I do. I think it’s highly unlikely that I’d ever be of a standard to perform at The Wigmore Hall or Blackpool Tower Ballroom and so therefore I don’t try. This is probably not the best attitude, but I figure I should build on what I am already good at rather than spread myself too thin. Nevertheless, witnessing others play and dance well gives me enormous enjoyment.

Whatever you have planned for the third weekend in advent, I hope you enjoy lots of fun and merriment. Keep Dancing! TFG.

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14 thoughts on “Advent Thought For The Day: 14

  1. Yes, Strictly is perfect Saturday night viewing, and that – and Bake Off- appearing on the schedules is a bright spot as the summer fades. But I’ve missed a few this year so I’ve not connected with the show as I usually do. I’ve tried watching it on catch up but somehow, like tea reheated in the microwave, it just doesn’t work for me. Has to be fresh.

    I am so enjoying your Advent Reflections over my breakfast every morning. Ceri/Mrs Miniver

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  2. Great writing – again – Dan. I too will be watching THE FINAL on Saturday evening but with only a large glass of red – the steam iron is banned! The dancing has been truly amazing this year. I am a big fan of Kevin Clifton, such a great choeographer and dancer. Think this is his fifth time in the Final but he has never won, so fingers crossed for him. Mrs. P.

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  3. If you can’t physically dance it is certainly good to dance through your mind and heart.
    You put a lot of pressure on yourself with 6 trees. I don’t know how you do it while working and commuting. Not watching tv is a good thing. TV can take up more hours than commuting if you aren’t careful and for what????…. My Sister and her friends also get together to watch the same type of show here. They don’t have the paddles for scores but they all have opinions and have great fun expressing them and watching the outcome. I sure hope you relax and enjoy this season. You are making a part of my season fun with your posts. I know how difficult it must be with all the other goings on in your life right now. Do carry on until the lead in your pencil breaks. I don’t think you have addressed christmas cards yet. I love to send them and I love to receive them. It is too bad that people don’t like to do this any more. They claim to want to save trees but I think people that work, and who doesn’t any more?, just don’t have time to do them. This a tradition that I think is sad to lose.

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    1. I agree. Until this year we had not experienced a downturn in card sales, but this year has been tough. People are definitely buying fewer cards here, due to the increasing cost of postage, but they are spending more on the cards they do buy. We are still spoiled for choice in the U.K. I am planning to write mine next week. I’ll have a think about including cards in one of my future posts!

      Enjoy the weekend



    1. You are full of excellent ideas Judy! Thank you. I would LOVE to do something like that. It’s an ambition to turn my workshop into a studio where I can do talks and classes one day. Meanwhile, only two more trees left to decorate. I shall, at some stage, post pictures of them all. Merry Christmas to you x

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  4. On the Third Sunday of Advent, I’ll light three candles in the wreath centerpiece of the dining table. I’ll begin to put up Christmas décor (the front door wreath has already been up), and I’ll continue to enjoy listening to the old Advent Evensong service.

    When you run out of Advent ideas, you may wish to consider taking a look at the saint of the day. Today, for example, it’s John of the Cross. On the 21st, Peter Canisius; and on the 23rd, John of Kanty. Do you know them? I don’t either. They should be enlightening and interesting to read about.

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  5. I’m saddened that you don’t dance because you want to be the best – the best compared to what? Husband and I do Argentine Tango socially for fun. It’s a fabulous hobby. Dancing is total joy and we only need to be “good enough” to enjoy it.
    Niall learned to dance at the age of 50. Had never taken a step on the floor before and now he can dance with anyone well enough. That’s all you need.
    It’s never ever too late.

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