Advent Thought For The Day: 10

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December 10th: State of the Nation

What a pickle our country is in. We wanted out of Europe (well, some of us did), now can’t agree a deal that everyone is happy with. I don’t understand why anyone is remotely surprised; it was always going to messy and unpleasant, and we probably ain’t seen nothing yet. I think it’s shown all our political leaders up to be singularly, depressingly, unimpressive. The sheer lack of leadership, by which I mean the ability to rally their party and the nation, is quite remarkable. Are these really the best people we can identify for these high-powered positions, or are they the only people crazy enough to put themselves forward for the roles? Either way, they are not doing a great job for us or our country at this moment. At least Mrs May is steadfast, resilient and determined. I do admire her for that, especially when she clearly finds leadership so monstrously uncomfortable.

One has to wonder where all these shenanigans will leave the UK once the dust has settled. I want desperately to believe it will be in a better place, but even I struggle to find any evidence to support that hope. Two years of uncertainty have already damaged the country and held back its future development though all the uncertainty that’s been created. I’m sure someone already proclaimed Brexit a ‘monumental act of self-harm’, or some-such, and I think we are now starting to feel it. November saw the lowest retail sales in a decade. Shops will be hoping for a bumper December otherwise there will be a lot more High Street casualties in the New Year. The housing market is stagnant and the cost of goods is slowly rising. Few of us feel better off than we did two years ago. There’s a reason for that, and it’s called Brexit.

In the meantime the populace just gets on with it, half an eye on the slow-motion car crash that’s playing out on our TVs and mobile devices. Evidence of Brexit is thankfully lacking in most of our everyday lives, for now at least. Christmas is normally a time when we put aside our woes and differences to focus on those nearest and dearest to us. It is needed most years, but never more that this year. We all need a little space to cleanse our minds of politics and the cruel stupidity of the world so that we can come back fighting in the New Year. As for Mrs May, assuming she’s still at the helm in a fortnight, I fear she may not enjoy much respite. TFG.

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23 comments On "Advent Thought For The Day: 10"

  1. I think a part of my leaving my job was because of Brexit. Politics could impact most common people, fortunately this time I see some light with the change. And I believe your country will see light, eventually, and I hope sooner.

    1. You are fortunate to be brave, clever and adaptable Parkson. You will make a success of your new career and soon wonder why you didn’t make the move earlier. But, you are correct, the people that will suffer will not be the wealthy.

  2. From abroad (Denmark) I watch and wonder and am sorry that you leave us. It looks like a mess – no matter how it ends – and I really hope you can forget for some time during Christmas and have some wonderful days.

  3. If I didn’t know you were talking about the UK, I’d think you were talking about the USA. We feel the same way here about our politicians if it makes you feel any better.

  4. I think it is sad that politics even has anything to do with Advent. Politics is so broken here in the USA. It sounds like it isn’t much better in the UK.

    1. Personally I think the Brussels bureaucrats need to take a fair amount of responsibility for precipitating the situation. And if you look closely, other European countries are not in such great shape either. Let hope we can all gather ourselves up and look to the future.

  5. I’m glad to see someone extending some sympathy to Theresa May – I’m not remotely conservative but it does feel like open season on her. Who would want to be a politician now? (Well, apart from exhibitionists and fanatics?)
    Hope you have a good Christmas, whatever the news.

    1. I’m not very political at all. I think it’s because she’s so damn awkward as a public figure that I feel sympathy for Theresa May. She has an impossible job and her party is not helping. That said, she’s hung in there for a lot longer than anyone predicted and it seems she is determined to see this thing through for better or for worse.

      1. Yes I agree. Not with her politics necessarily but I do think that Mrs May is under the most unimaginable pressure and any feeling for her as a fellow fallible human is seldom expressed, so it is good to hear what you say on this.

    1. For that I am very thankful, although all the TV news quizzes and impressionist shows over here have never had it so good! I really cannot comprehend how anyone like him could ever end up leading one of the greatest nations on earth.

      1. Thanks for that Dan. Many of us are still in denial. I keep expecting to wake up from this nightmare. Puttering around in my little garden helps keep me sane. At the nursery buying our Christmas tree, I wandered around…thinkI need more salvia, lavender and perhaps trailing rosemary for my California yard. All the best, Karen

  6. Well, the Court of Justice of the European Union has just announced the UK can give up Brexit and remain in the EU as a full and equal member. That means the British people still have the possibility of a second referendum and can reverse Brexit without any consequences… Oh, how I wish you ( I mean the British people ) remained, without the economic and political chaos which will certainly be after 29 March 2019. I hope you all in beautiful Britain will enjoy Christmas and will be able to look into brighter future . Thank you for sharing your thoughts Dan 🙂

    1. If we get another referendum, which doesn’t seem terribly likely, I wouldn’t like to predict what the outcome would be. I fear it may be the same. I think all we can do is wait and see and enjoy Christmas in the meantime. Dan

  7. Like Cindy, I thought you were talking about another country, but in my case, Australia! As you said what a pickle, so many countries are in the same situation with disappointing leadership and not much bright light at the end of the tunnel. Looking forward to a brighter New Year.

  8. I surely hope Mrs. May can remain on her post. She’s marvelous. Otherwise, are you sure you’re describing British politics and not America’s mess? Actually, I think most of the world is in a mess. Time already for the Second Coming. That’s what Advent is all about! Thanks for your post.

  9. I don’t think Australia is close to what Britain is going through now. We do not depend on a host of other nations as your are/were in EU. Unfortunately I am one disillusioned person who thinks that politicians are self promoting individuals for self gain.
    Merry Christmast to all and damn the politicians.

  10. i live in Portugal and come into contact with a lot of nationalities. They all quizz me on what i think of Brexit… they think we are crazy and shake their heads in disbelief at our politicians. They all ask why don’t we have another referendum as the people did not vote on the deal TM has struck. If it goes through i feel Soooo sorry for the people of NI.

    i despair because there is no way I would ever want to come back to the UK. I’d rather jump over the edge of the cliff.

    The UK is now the joke of Europe.

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