Advent Thought For The Day: 1

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December 1st: Stop Complaining

I’ve set myself a little challenge for December; to post a thought each day accompanied by a photo representing the appropriate day of advent. Since it’s a busy time I am allowing myself a maximum of 30 minutes to complete each post. I hope you enjoy them, and that I have the stamina to maintain them.

Last week was extraordinarily hectic and not always terribly enjoyable. I faced train delays, squally weather, challenging situations at work and got very little sleep. I am surprised to discover that this mild adversity has helped me appreciate what I have all the more. I have a good job, a warm house, the opportunity to travel and enough resources and education to make choices about my life. Not everyone is in that position – far from it. I have nothing to complain about and everything to be thankful for.

For the last six weeks we’ve been selling a charity advent calendar created by a not-for-profit organisation called Advent of Change. The idea is that every day one of 24 charities receives £1 of the purchase price to help towards their critical work, whether it’s providing shelter for the homeless or saving our sea life. It’s the brainchild of a bright and committed lady called Kristina Salceanu. Kristina has worked incredibly hard to get her project off the ground. Throughout the launch process she has worked day and night, always smiling, always thankful, always humble. She is an inspiration.

Not only is this advent raising money for charity, but also providing the purchaser with a daily reminder that there are plenty worse off than they are. So, however rubbish my day is, I shall, forwith, cease complaining about it. TFG.

Advent of Change is available at all John Lewis & Partners shops (now sold out online).

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8 comments On "Advent Thought For The Day: 1"

  1. Best of luck on your Advent quest. I will look forward to these posts. Your view of your life is positive. Keep on…

  2. I love your positive way of thinking Dan. You are a decent man 🙂 .We all should be very thankful for what we have and who we are. Thank you for this inspiring post – I’m waiting for next ones, being curiuos how you will cope with everyday posts in Advent. Have a great weekend and some more sleep and relax. Greetings from cold Poland 🙂

  3. Great reminder (for those of us who can lose sight of the beautiful experiences we have had, have, and will have in life) to record that for which we are grateful (like the beautiful photos of your garden, and other gardens you provide that lift the heart especially during gray gray days in Southwestern Ontario Canada!). Many thanks! And best heartfelt hope for England during Brexit transitions.

  4. Great idea ! And I especially love your outlook on life. Always remember about variety of human experiences – I wish that wisdom was more shared.

  5. Such lovely sentiments, Dan. I always try to think of people worse off – puts ones life into perspective. Enjoyed reading your thoughts and looking forward to more over the coming weeks.

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