And Relax …..

It’s here, the moment I have been waiting for all Christmas, the moment when all our visitors have departed, there is no cleaning left to do, the fire is lit and I can lie on the sofa and do nothing ….. well, almost. With my left hand I can just about reach for a glass of lightly chilled Chablis, and with the digits on my right hand I am tapping out this short post. Rather like a beached whale, I will not survive in this recumbent position for very long: nature didn’t engineer me for relaxation, but it is rather novel to experience the sensation for a few minutes. 

A year that ended calm and bright has been replaced by one that is beginning cold and wet. We braved the seafront for a brief sortie after lunch and, having failed to spot any sea monsters, seals or sharks, we quickly retreated to the library for tea, Christmas cake and flapjacks laced with stem ginger. Him Indoors has excelled himself in the catering department this festive season (I like to think my housekeeping isn’t too shoddy either), so much so that we have had requests from our friends’ children to stay until next Christmas. Could it be that we have been just a tad too hospitable? Having politely declined we are alone at last, just me, myself and Him Indoors, preparing ourselves for 2017 and whatever it may throw at us. A moment of calm before we go, once more, into the breach, my dear friends.

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11 thoughts on “And Relax …..

  1. Happy New Year. Here in New Zealand we are enjoying 30 degree of sunshine, that’s in centigrade. The occasional drop of rain. Flowers look exceptional, especially the dahlias and the crocosmias.

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  2. Have a lot of such calm moments in 2017, both you and Alex. It’s good to hear your firends’ kids liked the party so much . Have a happy and healthy and full of love year, Dan.

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  3. Let calm be the keyword for 2017 for you and HI and I hope the completion of your new home goes without a hitch or a run over budget! Looking forward to seeing the photos of it completed!

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  4. Aahhhhh. Lovely post. Just love to read them every time. Here’s to a happy , healthy and productive 2017. I’m going to atttack my gardens this year ! Suffolk and London lookout ! X

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  5. Happy New Year FG and HI.. wishing you wonderful health, happiness and success and a big packet of tim tams accompanied by a large glass of fine Aussie Red! You have earned every precious minute in that chair – enjoy it. All the Best H xx

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