Christmas Cheer

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The last time I was up at 6am on Christmas morning I was ten. With a three-year-old in the house it was inevitable that we’d be roused before dawn to see if Father Christmas had paid us a visit: quite a shock to the system, especially for Him Indoors. The lack of snow outside was a fleeting disappointment, but there was soon wrapping paper strewn across the bed and a very happy little girl playing with her new toys.



Getting the house in order after the last tradesmen left on Friday consumed so much time that I never got around to planting my festive containers in the garden. Instead I’ve arranged Christmas roses (Helleborus niger), heathers and variegated ivies in empty pots and window boxes outside the windows, where we can enjoy them from the comfort of the library. Correa ‘Marian’s Marvel’ has already been flowering for two months and is looking very pretty with its red and lime-green flowers nodding in the chilly wind. In the greenhouse Salvia involucrata ‘Bethellii’ and copper-coloured chrysanthemums bring more seasonal cheer, and Canna iridiflora is about to start blooming again. Outside, Cobaea scandens is still covered in tens of cup-and-saucer flowers thanks to the mild start to winter here in the UK.



Whatever you are up to today – and I will mostly be chasing around after little Martha, drinking sherry and enjoying all our new space – I hope Christmas Day brings you much cheer and happiness. TFG.




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18 comments On "Christmas Cheer"

  1. Wishing you a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and all the very best of things for 2017. Here on a stormy day in the west of Ireland we are looking forward to having a lazy day with lots of goodies to eat and enjoy. So look forward to reading your blogs, long may they continue through 2017!!!!! Peace and joy to you and yours. Sally

    1. Thanks Sally. We are being treated to blue skies and high cloud. It’s so mild it almost feels like spring! I have the greenhouse door wide open to let the air circulate. Enjoy your day, staying cosy inside. Dan

  2. Happy Christmas Dan to you and yours – spoil Martha rotten! Keep the blogs coming. Your plant knowledge is amazing – I have to do research to find out what you are on about. Love the painting on the wall. Here’s to 2017 – hopefully not quite so frenetic as 2016.

    1. That is the plan Mrs P. I don’t think I can cope with another year as frenetic as this one! You should try the Correa if you get an opportunity. It’s a lovely, cheerful shrub. Hope you have a super day.

  3. Happy Christmas Dan once more to you and yours. Could you please show us your Christmas roses arrangements in one of future posts ( if you find some time between one glass of sherry and onother 🙂 ) .

      1. I do have a very relaxing day, Dan 🙂
        Now I am going to read a book and have a big mug of Christmas tea ( with cinnamon, ginger and cloves and a slice of orange) before our guests arrive .
        If you find some time later in the evening, you can have a look at the Christmas decorations at our home.
        Here’s the link :
        Enjoy your time with yours 🙂

  4. Well, it is all looking lovely and as usual you have given me some more plant ideas. Have a very Happy (and energetic) Christmas and all good wishes for 2017. x

  5. Hope that you enjoyed Christmas Day. It sounds like it was off to a great start. Christmas certainly has a whole different energy with kids around. The new rooms look amazing. Enjoy!

  6. A wonderful Christmas to you Dan and him in doors as well as all your family from a “warm” Australian supporter. Look forward to spending 2017 with you through your blog. Cheers, Peter (and Rod) xoxo

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