Going to the Dogs



I am acutely aware that my blog risks going to dogs …. or dog to be precise. That dog is called Buster. You may have seen him on social media today. If you haven’t, I can only assume you live on the moon, in which case I expect you are acquainted with the star of last year’s John Lewis advert. Please give him my regards. Buster has required a lot of my attention lately, leaving very little time for gardening, writing or anything else for that matter. It’s probably why I have never seriously considered owning a pet.




Apart from Him Indoors being mildly enraged by the appearance of Otto and Olivia, the intrepid bouncing foxes (which must surely be related to our own destructive Mr Fox), the reaction to the advert has been incredibly positive. Personally I love it, but I adore Vaults’ interpretation of Randy Crawford’s ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’ even more. Allegedly I was singing it rather loudly last night after a night on the town, only not quite as well as lead singer Blythe Pepino. One can’t be good at everything.

N.B. Should you not live in the UK, John Lewis is a department store famous for its emotionally engaging Christmas TV adverts. And it’s where I work. Apart from Buster, all the animals featured in the film are computer generated. It’s hard not to be in awe of the skill required to produce such realism. Please enjoy. Merry Christmas!