Opening Day


Do come at visit us at The Watch House today, 12-4, and the same again tomorrow. If you aren’t able, please enjoy this three minute video. Have a lovely weekend whatever you are up to.


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Welcome! I am The Frustrated Gardener and this is my blog. Thank you for visiting and I hope you like what you find. If so, please let me know and consider subscribing so that you don't miss out on my future trials and tribulations. It would be frustrating without you!

39 thoughts on “Opening Day

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous👏👏👏👏such a beautiful collection of ‘wonderfulness’ .. Thx so much for sharing, so wish I was there. The video transported me to a place of special memories. Have a super successful day, best wishes from a wet, windy and wintery Melbourne. Good luck. H 😘😘

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  2. Endless thanks Dan from The Antipodes where you have a number of fans in Sydney’s Inner-West and my 96 year old mother in the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales. We love your blog. Such generosity. Hope you have a lovely time at your open day. Best wishes. Fran

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    1. That’s wonderful to know Fran. I treasure my followers in Australia and enjoy the fact that it’s summer here when it’s winter there, and vice-versa. We did enjoy the open weekend although we’re both exhausted at the end of it. A quiet morning now before my sister and neice arrive for their summer holidays 🙂


  3. Lovely agapanthus, and lots of them–are they potted or in a bed? And was that plumbago to the far left of the camera sweep, or something else that shade of blue? Hope it went swimmingly.

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    1. The agapanthus are all in troughs, about 6ft long by 2ft wide. And the plant you spotted I think is Tweedia caerulea, much admired by many visitors and a very choice plant. I liken the colour to that of a swimming pool. Quite extraordinary.


  4. Thanks so much for making the video so that we can share the wonderful blooms and foliage of your garden. Hope that the weather is being kind to you. (We’ve got pretty gusty winds here and all the stone fruits are falling off the trees).

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  5. Just home after a first visit to this exhilarating garden, for anyone who has the chance to go don’t miss it. Look up, down, beneath and behind you and you will see a plant, and a very good one, flourishing. You couldn’t add another in or take one away. This verdant freshness as summer fades away is glorious, you will leave feeling full of joy.

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  6. It looks gorgeous, I hope the weather was better today than we had in Devon and you had lots of appreciative visitors. You deserve to have all your efforts rewarded.

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  7. I would really love to visit one year, but sadly it would be quite a schlep from the IoW. In the meantime your beautiful video was wonderful consolation.
    Tell me how do you keep your dahlias looking good when they’re in pots? Mine (in pots) are all pretty mildewed, although still blooming well.


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