Waiting and Anticipating

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When preparing for our garden opening, I find I end up doing anything but gardening. Over the last two days I have been painting the front gate, unearthing chairs from the cellar, jet-washing the terrace, scrubbing garden furniture, making beds, stapling leaflets and dashing to the shops for this and that instead of tending to my plants. This is why I try to have everything in place at least a fortnight in advance, but in truth the tweaking and preening never ends. Following a day of lifting and carrying, every part of me aches, but on the bright side I have burnt a healthy number of calories.


The Watch House garden, August 2016


I caught up on a couple of episodes of Gardener’s World last night, whist tacking a pile of ironing resembling the north face of the Eiger. Monty Don declared that he likes August because the garden is still burgeoning with bloom, offering the promise of more to come. I concur. Our garden is only just getting into its stride and I expect it to get better and better through September. Warm days and warm nights are needed to get many of my plants going, so although daylight hours are shortening, it’s the temperature that really helps produce bright flowers and lush leaves.


Colocasia esculenta, The Watch House, August 2016


After a run of excellent weather it seems our luck may be about to run out. Today’s predicted rain wasn’t enough to wet a baby’s head, so I resorted to the hose to give everything a thorough soaking. I’m more fearful of the havoc tomorrow’s high winds might wreak; hardly conditions for garden visiting, or enjoying tea and cake, and guaranteed to bring down gazillions of leaves. Sunday may be a little more settled; one never really knows.


Dahlia 'American Dawn', The Watch House, August 2016


Whatever the weather, if you are coming to see us we’ll be very glad to welcome you. And if you are too far away to make the journey I’ll endeavour to make a little video to share at some point over the weekend. We are open 12-4 on both Saturday and Sunday, serving teas in the garden at Polegate Cottage. Click here to visit the National Gardens Scheme website for further details.


The Watch House, aerial view, August 2016


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22 comments On "Waiting and Anticipating"

  1. Your hard work pays off, the garden looks beautiful and immaculate. I hope the weather is kind to you, though I’m sure your visitors will still love it regardless. I’d love to see it in person, maybe one day. (BTW If/When you next catch up with GW our Autumn 2915 garden is on episode 21.)

  2. Fingers crossed Dan for the weather. I am coming down with my friends Sheila and David from Whitstable on Sunday. Look forward to seeing both you and Alex than. Mrs. P.

  3. Your garden is gorgeous, you got caught up on your housekeeping chores, and you’re ready for company? Now, there’s another example of great multi tasking if you ask me. 🙂 I’m thinking positive thoughts that the weather will be bearable, and I can’t wait to see more photos. Relax, and enjoy every minute of it. 🙂

  4. Great shot of your garden from above! I would like to believe that you have a single story house and for that perfect shot, you were hanging off the guttering by your toes! Wishing you fine weather and a successful open garden weekend 🙂

  5. Looking absolutely stunning ! All your hard work has paid off.
    Good luck for the weekend with the weather and I’m looking forward to the little video.

  6. It’s looking fantastic Dan all the hard work has paid off…wishing you the best of thoughts for the open day that all goes well. Will look forward to viewing your vid though would rather see in person…one day maybe.

  7. Hi Dan – so excited for you both. The garden looks magnificent and you should be so proud of it. All the hours of planning, planting and potting are so worth it when this is the result. Wishing you fabulous weather, lovely visitors and ‘cheers’ for a very successful opening. Wish I was there, but a video would be a very nice ‘consolation’. All the Best, Helen of Oz xxx PS the aggies are looking good!!

  8. Saturday night here so morning in your part of the world and the start of a big weekend.
    All looking fabulous. Enjoy!

  9. Just realized “linger as long as necessary to catch you for a two seconds-chat” could be misread… What I meant was: with your garden likely to burst with visitors keeping you busy, I could still linger around for as long as it might have taken to chat to you – even if it was to be for 2 sec only.

  10. Dear Stefanie, thank you for your lovely message and condolences. I also wish your Man a speedy recovery. Sounds like you’ve had a traumatic time. If you’d like to visit the garden on another day in the future please just drop me a line and provided we are here you’d be welcome. No need to wait for the open weekend. I will delete your message as requested. Wishing you all the best. Dan

    1. Hi Dan – guess what, never read your reply until now when I tried to locate The Watch House! Eight months late then: Thank you for the kind wishes (they sure must have helped!) and the invite. Will gladly take it up sometime, but is this the best way to drop you a line – or is there another more direct version? Have a lovely weekend!

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