Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder



This week an Italian described their country to me as “Third World”. I may only be a visitor, but I could not agree less. Italy possesses almost everything I want out of life – good weather, delicious food, stylish clothes, amazing wine and a slower pace – although, alas, not good Internet access, in the hotels we’ve chosen at least. For the last three days I have been struggling to upload enough photographs to illustrate my account of the Boboli Gardens in Florence. Now, exasperated, I am officially giving up and waiting until I get home. It’s either a chance to visit the Botanical Gardens here in Siena, or another afternoon staring at the whirling beachball of doom. You will understand it was not a hard choice.

I will be glad to get home tomorrow, swapping 38ยบC of heat for a more familiar 18ยบC. One can have enough of a good thing. Please know I have not disappeared from the face of the earth and will be back again soon. Meanwhile there are lots of little updates on Instagram and my Facebook Page.