Feeling Good

I’ve been feeling a little bit down in the dumps this week. I blame the headache-inducing, humid weather and lack of time to get out in the garden; not to mention the army of lily beetles, slugs and snails marching mercilessly on my precious lettuce, lilies and hostas.

And then, whilst sitting in a scintillating meeting about something no-one would be remotely interested in, I get an e-mail from a lovely lady called Mital telling me that The Frustrated Gardener had made it onto a list of the UK’s top 10 gardening blogs. Needless to say my concentration waned as soon as I realised I was in the company of wonderful bloggers like Helen Johnstone, aka The Patient Gardener (we ought to be a good for one another!), Jono Stevens at Real Men Sow and Alexandra Campbell at The Middle-Sized Garden. What’s wonderful is that all the blogs featured in the top 10 are completely different visually and content-wise, proving there’s room for all of us (and more) in the blogosphere.

My mood instantly altered, I was reminded that time spent feeling sorry for one’s self is time wasted. It’s nice to be appreciated by others but also to feel inwardly good about one’s self. And now I do.