Daily Flower Candy: Tulipa “Brown Sugar”

Brown sugar how come you taste so good?” So sang the Rolling Stones. I doubt Mick Jagger was referring to this Triumph tulip with its caramel tones and butterscotch highlights. Sugary? Yes. Brown? No. Tasty? Definitely not! There are descriptions that call out the blooms’ earthy tones, but my eyes only see hints of rose-pink, coppery orange and Egyptian gold. My nose, on the other hand, can detect a modicum of muscovado, or perhaps it’s an updraft of demerara issuing from the open flowers.

Tulipa "Brown Sugar", The Watch House, April 2016

A strong-stemmed, tall tulip, “Brown Sugar” can stand its own in the border or in a pot. It’s a wonderful partner for other oranges and for purples and plums, combining brilliantly with crown imperials. The blooms last and last in cool weather and as a cut flower, and are resistant to wind and rain, which is always helpful in the UK. They will eventually fade to a light-catching parchment colour at the edges. A thoroughbred amongst tulips, like The Rolling Stones it will stand the test of time, albeit it ageing a little more gracefully 😉

Spring bulb theatre, The Watch House, April 2016

Bulbs of Tulipa “Brown Sugar” are widely available from late summer. I purchased mine from Sarah Raven and will be going back for more.

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend. TFG

Tulipa "Brown Sugar", The Watch House, April 2016

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19 thoughts on “Daily Flower Candy: Tulipa “Brown Sugar”

  1. Agree with Candy….total envy!!! So Master Flowers u have set the bar for yourself very high…….and created great expectations amongst us less talented frustrated mortals. Can’t wait to see the parrots emerge. Stunning Dan. Big congrats.👏🌹🍾👏

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    1. Hi Helen. Until today the nights have been quite cold, which means everything is developing very slowly. The parrots are on their way, looking very dramatic right now. Are your paperwhites out yet? Lots of love to Oz.


  2. Wow!! Definitely candy for the eyes. What a treat to come home to! Thanks for the heads up on the Bank Holiday . . . perhaps I’ll declare one for myself over here on this side of the Atlantic.

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