“Have one big idea – and stick to it!”, “go for quality, not clutter”, “I love my tiny garden – it’s so calming and uplifting”. I’m not sure I said any of those things, at least not quite like that, but I might have, after a nice bottle of Chablis or few G&Ts. Still, it’s nice to be appreciated. At least The Daily Mail airbrushed my photo sufficiently that I didn’t look the full 43 years old that they gleefully announced to the world I am. “You don’t look 43 in that photo” said Geraldine, a lady in my team, incredulously. She’s the same lady that asked if she could still plant tulips in March. I may not be able to recommend planting tulip bulbs in spring, but I could venture to tell her exactly where she might stick them.

Read the full article here. TFG.

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27 thoughts on “Fame!

  1. So here I am, staying at the Hell Bay Hotel on Bryher in the Scillies having just spent the day on Tresco in the Abbey Gardens – if you haven’t been Dan, try and get there, amazing planting, helped of course by the Gulf Stream. Got back to the hotel for a very welcome glass of fizz, or two, and picked up a copy of the Daily Mail, NOT my natural choice but it was that or the Guardian – far too heavy with a glass in one’s hand. Opened up the centre pages and there YOU are! Think the day job could definitely be on the line. Well done for getting into the national press and look forward to many more articles by The Frustrated Gardener.

    Mrs P.


    1. I am so jealous Mrs P, both of your hotel and your day in the gardens. Yes, I have been to Tresco, many times, but once, twice, thrice is never enough! It was a heavenly day here in London (and that’s saying something) so hope it was just as glorious for you. Enjoy that fizz and please have another for me!


  2. So proud to see a youthful! You and your stunning garden in the press. How exciting!!!!! Congratulations to you and Alex. Maybe buy the lovely Geraldine some heavy duty face cream..how rude is she…..well done I will tell everyone I know a famous gardener.🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾

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    1. Geraldine is lovely. She is just very forthright, like an Aussie! We have more articles coming soon, which is exciting, including the first about our London garden. Never thought I’d see the day anyone thought that was worth writing about. Let’s hope folk are interested to read it 🤓


  3. Once more congratulations to you and Alex! Famous Men from now on 😊. Being serious,I am really happy for you to be appreciated for your hard work and great passion. You definitely deserve it. Keep the historic copy of the The Daily Mail to show your friends and family ( in case they didn’t see it) and for yourself. Well done, Dan 😊.

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  4. Not at all sure what you mean by “airbrushing”–if it’s there, I don’t see it–and the lilies look nice too. I’m not sure I’d call your approach “simplicity,” though–sounds a bit Danish Bauhaus. Props to you and to Him for pulling off a newsworthy garden in any case.

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  5. We all the grand age of 43, you have finally become a centrefold In the Daily Mail or should that be Male? At least you are to left of centre so haven’t got any awkward piercings from the staples! Rest assured the sound advice and the wonderful photo of your garden will ensure this newspaper article will not become tomorrow nights fish and chips wrapper but will be pinned up in garden bothies throughout the land! Seriously though Dan, well done a great article and great exposure of your Broadstairs haven…hope you get more visitors as a result at your open days!


    1. Well, I am hoping they don’t turn up on the dates they published as they are 20 days too early! Today I had lots of kindly John Lewis Partners giving me sheets of newspaper that they had carefully pulled from the centre of the paper. So thoughtful. Even Him Indoors bought 2 copies ….. for darts practice 🤓

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  6. Congratulations, brilliant and well deserved! Don’t worry about 43, Mr TT will have nearly 20 years on that this year and he is still gorgeous – and without much face cream. Don’t be too hard on Geraldine, it might not have been meant the way it sounded, and some folk need to be encouraged with their tulip bulbs.

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  7. Not much left to add to the above, but congrats all the same! In January you were reading Monty Don’s prose, now you’re sharing a page with him… And I’d be very surprised if that was the last of it. Admit it, you ARE in the market for a gardening column or more 😉 ! (And why not?)
    Wish I could stick to the sound advice given, but I’m still incapable of any restrain when it comes to plants, so the armada of pots is growing. And unlike you I mix all sorts, rather than go for “mainly leafy exotics” or any such scheme…
    This post helped me get on with my own writing though 🙂 . And I loved your comment about Him Indoors and darts practice. More efficient than voodoo 😉 ?

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