Life Begins in March

And so, it is done: Christmas signed-off for another year. It’s time to re-group, sleep, do the ironing, see friends again, sow seeds, plan building works, pay bills, buy gifts, plant summer bulbs, refresh my wardrobe, send bills, repair woodwork, spread manure, clean the windows, book holidays, write my blog, drink wine, choose new furniture, worry about my finances, take photographs, go on long walks, visit gardens, buy plants, read books, choose paint colours, try new restaurants, re-charge my batteries, spring clean, plant trees, file paperwork, spend time with Him Indoors and generally embrace real life again. It’s good to be back.

NarcNarcissi, Goodnestone Park, Kent, February 2016


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20 thoughts on “Life Begins in March

  1. Hi , great to hear you are back to life again . Enjoy all its aspects, especially the wine, books and all gardening errands…
    Meanwhile, I have been on a week’s sick leave – caught a bad AH1N1flu and it’s a real “bitch” (sorry for my filthy language but I have already had enough of it). Every muscle, joint and skin cell is sore and my temperature oscillates around 39*C… I have been applying myself the ginger+lemon +honey mixture and been staying in bed since Thursday. I hope I am better soon. Have a nice Sunday afternoon and evening. Reading your blog makes me feel better already

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    1. I hope you are feeling better soon Paul. Proper Flu is the pits. I had it in December 2014 and nearly ended up in hospital. But all you can do is rest and take on plenty of fluids, which it sounds like you are doing. When you are better I’d like to hear about Gardenia.

      Take care of yourself and thanks for sparing the time and energy to comment from your sick bed.


  2. Dan, thanks a lot for your kind words. I will let you know about Gardenia, promise. If you want to have a look at the pictures from the event, try to find me on Facebook under my Polish name *Paweł Furmaniak * . Have a nice next week.

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  3. Your lucky lucky thing!!! I am still drowning.. my presentation for sign off is this Wednesday…and then have to get it all made! OMG. I want to be doing things on your list too. Nearly cried when I saw Goodnestone reno picture…sob sob.. many lovely memories of my fantasy Jane Austen home!!


  4. I am glad to hear you are feeling better and can enjoy some simple pleasures now. Just in time for the prime spring flower show! How exciting. Wine and flowers.


  5. Goodness Dan, i thought i was busy enough but you leave me feeling exhausted and I am fit and well with not a virus or the flu in sight. Look forward to seeing what you have put together for Christmas 2016 in that well known department store. Tramped round Wisley last Friday with my friend Sheila from Whitstable who met you at Goodnestone – she is always very busy with the Kent branch of the Hardy Plant Society. I am ambivalent about Wisley, think that’s the right word, but thought of you when we went to the plant centre, had to flash the plastic – again! Evenings are getting lighter and I am soon off to the Scillies and i am sure there will be a plant, or two, I can’t do without. Mrs. P.


    1. Oooo, the Scillies, lucky you! I try to go every year, and usually fail, but it’s a good ambition to have. The Scillies are heaven on earth to my mind, especially in good weather. Don’t expect a lot of plants for sale, but you might find a gem.

      I enjoyed talking to Sheila who was lovely. I am looking forward to the Whitstable open gardens in June. Like you, I struggle with gardens like Wisley that have always been public and seem to lack a certain intimacy. They impress me but leave me cold. I’m also not that keen on sharing my garden visits with too many fellow punters! Lovely to hear from you, as always. Dan


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