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I think I did rather well, don’t you? Wishing you and yours a magical Christmas Day. 

The Frustrated Gardener, December 25th 2015.

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26 comments On "Hoard"

  1. You have obviously been good then if Santa gave you all these books…better start ordering the shelves! Have a great day Dan and all the compliments of the season!

  2. Happy Christmas to you and Alex from us here in a very warm New York – 72 degrees yesterday on Christmas Eve – almost tropical! Anne Parker and Sylvia (me) and Ben Pocock.

    1. Merry Christmas Mrs P! Give our love to Anne and Ben. Hope you have a super day. It’s a lowly 50 degrees here and typically dreary. We’ll be staying in and soaking ourselves in gin and fizz. Love from us both.

  3. I would have left my poor geraniums in the garden and had gorgeous red blooms this Christmas : ) if I knew the forecast for Ottawa, Canada : ) was going to be this warm; 7 degrees for Christmas Day! Enjoy the books and have A Merry Christmas.

  4. Our bookstores don’t have those cool English ones! And SEEING SEEDS? what a sexy title. To people like us, anyway!

  5. Very nice haul. (The benefits of being both naughty and nice?) Happy Christmas to both you and Him–hope Christmas dinner is a particular feast!

  6. great booty, these will be hours of fun. Knowing you, we, the cyberlot, will profit in due time, as there will be quotes here at times….. Merry Christmas

  7. Oh, you are a devil. I’ve just been to Amazon to order Great Gardens of London (I know Victoria slightly and the Cotswolds book is a fav) and am now treating myself to a long list of must haves, including The Irish Garden, by Jane Powers, which won GMG’s Inspirational Book of the Year Award just a few weeks ago. It’s easier to justify such expenses at the end of the year because they’re tax deductible, but even still…ouch!

    1. I am so sorry for putting temptation in your path Marian! I topped my Amazon wish list up yesterday with ‘The Gardener’s Guide to Weather and Climate’ and ‘Secret Gardens’ by Alain Le Toquin. Happily I have a birthday coming up 🙂

  8. I can see a fine pair of Niwaki secateurs in your stash. They are my number one tool. I would recommend you take them on a course run by Jake Hobson from Niwaki. Happy pruning !

  9. I received those pruners in my stocking! Santa must read your blog. You will need to give book reviews please. I had not heard of the London one. I just put in a big order on Abebooks for a number of books that were reviewed somewhere else. Like another poster mentioned, we do not get many of these books in Canada, but they are shipped rather quickly.

    1. Hi Lisa. I can thoroughly recommend Great Gardens of London. I am rather embarrassed to admit that I may as well live in Ontario given how many of them I’m unfamiliar with! I need to get out more. I can also let you into a little secret that I am 70% of the way through a ‘Frustrated Gardener Recommends’ booklist that I have been working on for the last month or so. It lists all my favourite gardening books and why I consider them indispensable. I hope you might find it useful. Should be published (as a new page) by early next week if I crack on. Enjoy those pruners!

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