Beaded II


We had family from Sheffield staying at The Watch House last week. In contrast to early August the weather was atrocious. From what I can deduce most of the week was spent in a cycle of getting drenched, drying off, eating and playing board games: all essential elements of a British summer holiday. Attempts to claim the inclement weather was abnormal were met with doubtful looks. Broadstairs languishes in a rain shadow, making a week of the wet stuff rarer than hen’s teeth. To Northerners this is just par for the course. The weeds have made merry and several plants, including begonias, Streptocarpus saxorum and Impatiens kilimanjari, have prospered in the cool, wet conditions.

Our family left on Saturday morning and the sun promptly re-appeared for two full days before going elsewhere for the Bank Holiday. Today it has rained from dawn to dusk, the heavens scattering crystalline tears over our late summer flowers.

Photographs taken using iPhone 6 in our coastal garden. From top: Dahlia ‘American Dawn’, Lantana ‘Desert Sunset’, Dahlia ‘Firepot’, Fuchsia (unknown variety), Dahlia ‘American Dawn’.

Dahlia 'American Dawn', The Watch House, August 2015

Lantana, The Watch House, August 2015

Dahlia 'Firepot', The Watch House, August 2015

Fuchsia, The Watch House, August 2015

Dahlia 'American Dawn', The Watch House, August 2015