Time Out


Late yesterday afternoon as I was watering, it struck me that I never take the time to enjoy my garden. Quite why this came as a surprise I don’t know, because Him Indoors is always telling me so. I guess sometimes you have to work these things out for yourself.

Hosta 'Guardian Angel', London, May 2015

Jaded after a long day of email wrestling, I have come outside with a gin and tonic to just sit, look and listen. The plants are growing so fast I can almost hear the sap gurgling through their veins, rising like an unstoppable tide. The gaps I purchased plants for two weeks ago are already gone, and still the cold frame is full. Above my head a honeysuckle is about to put on a firework display and tulip petals litter the decking. Summer is just around the corner.

Adiantum venustum, London, April 2015

The garden has never looked better and that’s no accident. I’ve worked at it. By and large that’s the first rule of gardening: what you put in, you get out. I feel momentarily gratified, knowing there is so much more to do. Just not today.

Dicksonia antarctica, London, May 2015