No Rest For The Wicked

It’s one of those weeks when the balance between getting stuff done and writing about it tilts in favour of the former. After a busy Bank Holiday weekend there are new plants to find temporary homes for, a burgeoning population of seedlings to pot on and tomato plants requiring hardening off. I have booked my Hampton Court Palace Flower Show tickets and started researching Chelsea, now only 13 days away. And still there is more to be done. Heavy showers over the last few days have resulted in an explosion of foliage in our London garden, so much so that each morning I peer out of the bedroom window and wonder if I am still looking at the same garden I tended yesterday.

Damp weather and emerging hostas are a recipe for disaster, so I am keeping my eyes peeled for slugs and snails, whilst the ones in the back of my head watch out for destructive wood pigeons. Life is literally surging up through the ground around me, so vital and envigorating I wish there were some way to bottle it. Not a hope. Nature will have her way, which for us gardeners means only one thing: not a moment to rest if we’re to stay in the game.