Daily Flower Candy: Narcissus ‘Toto’ AGM

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When I set out to post daily on the subject of daffodils, little did I know how distracting this week’s almost perfect gardening weather would be. The opportunity to spend two unbroken days outside rarely comes along and I have gardened from dawn to dusk. In the course of the last 48 hours, planting bulbs and rejuvenating borders, I have been enveloped by the scent of hyacinths, serenaded by bees and danced for by a solitary butterfly. This I have enjoyed in the company of our resident doves, Daphne and Dudley. They are becoming tamer and tamer by the day, almost eating out of my hand. If only they would build a decent nest there could be a whole family of them at The Watch House.

Narcissus 'Toto', The Watch House, April 2015

Narcissus ‘Toto’ began flowering when it was just 4 inches tall, but has experienced a dramatic growth spurt this week. The bulbs have come into their own in the warm sunshine, throwing up stems bearing two, three or four flowers. The blooms deserve a companion planting of blue scilla, chinodoxa or muscari to bring out their curds and whey colouring, not the sugary pink cyclamen I foolishly paired them with. I will know better next time. Their fragrance is not as intoxicating as Narcissus ‘Cragford’ or Narcissus ‘Minnow’, but is pleasing enough if you get your nose in there. Honoured with an Award of Garden Merit by the RHS, Narcissus ‘Toto’ ticks all my boxes and will definitely be on my bulb order again this summer.

Narcissus 'Toto', The Watch House, April 2015

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10 comments On "Daily Flower Candy: Narcissus ‘Toto’ AGM"

  1. Your photo has sold me on the merits of this Narcissus. Such a beautiful narrow cup and arched neck. Really great.

  2. Okay, now you’re just bragging. First it was walking by the Queen’s castle gardens to work, and now you spent two full days outside gardening with these gorgeous blooms and fragrance. 🙂 We had snow last evening. The whole landscape is totally white again. Spring? I’m not sure we’re going to have one so keep posting because I’m gardening vicariously though you. 🙂

    1. More snow! I can’t believe it. When it does thaw your garden will go nuts. Spring has properly arrived today – a hood down on the car kind of a day. The magnolias in everyone’s gardens are magnificent. Even ours looks pretty good. Sending warm weather your way…..Dan

  3. I love Toto. Although it doesn’t seem to like my garden. Thalia tends to stick around for me, so that’s what I plant instead. We didn’t get snow last night, but I’m a while away from seeing some daffodils yet. I finally have some crocuses, but they didn’t open yesterday because of the lack of sun.

    1. I won’t rub it in, but we are expecting the warmest day of the year so far tomorrow and there are pollution and pollen warnings out for the London area! I have another day in the garden planned so will be going outside regardless. I love Thalia too 😉

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