I have been particularly dutiful this week, even if I do say myself. I began the week in Cornwall, entertaining my beautiful, happy, intelligent niece. As duties go, this was an absolute joy. Martha has taken to walking like a duck takes to water, and is now in proud possession of her first pair of shoes – red – her uncle’s favourite colour. Just one of Martha’s gummy smiles is all that’s needed to secure my devotion in perpetuity, but my loyalty was tested when our winter walk at Trelissick was abruptly ended. Despite a generous number of layers, Miss M took umbrage at the biting wind and had a mini-meltdown in the middle of the garden. We were just approaching a clearing flooded with trembling snowdrops, so I quickly sank to my knees, took a few snaps and accompanied my charge back to the National Trust tea-room. All that was required to restore her normal good humour (and everyone else’s for that matter), was a sizeable chunk of cake – a girl after my own heart.

Galanthus nivalis, Trelissick, Cornwall, February 2015

Work has demanded a different kind of dedication. Sign off on our Christmas ranges looms and my team of wonderfully conscientious colleagues have been working like stink to get everything done. I am extremely lucky to have such great people around me: the camaraderie takes the sting out of the most dreary tasks. After a series of 14 hour days I yearned for a nice quiet weekend to recover, but duty called again. We’ve spent today piecing our seaside home together after an excessively protracted kitchen project. Between ourselves and the fitters we managed to create mess and mayhem in every room of the house. Where fine, pale-pink dust has not reached is not worth knowing about. I am sure it will all be worthwhile when Him Indoors is finally able to cook up a storm using all the latest gadgets and appliances. He would be doing so now, were he not asleep on the sofa. Being dutiful, whilst rewarding, can be rather exhausting.

Galanthus nivalis, Trelissick, Cornwall, February 2015

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8 thoughts on “Duty

  1. A most amusing read! Can’t wait to see the kitchen. Martha is mesmerised by her new shoes, I have had to hide them in a drawer when she isn’t wearing them. I see many shoe shopping trips ahead of us – hurrah!

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      1. 3F, but she has 3G ones because that was all they had. I am wondering how I will live without a kitchen if I get mine done!

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  2. I think all little girls, and big girls too, love red shoes. Red boots are wonderful too, then she might go further on a rainy-ish day in a garden, looking for puddles. Enjoy the kitchen, and the end of the reno.


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