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Just after Christmas we popped over to Whitstable for a spot of Champagne and shopping with our friend Karen. Situated on the Thames estuary, Whitstable’s beaches are shingly rather than sandy, their tide-rounded bounty stoutly defended by rank after rank of sturdy groynes. As the sun lowered we stumbled towards The Neptune (above far left) for a postprandial pint. With hats wedged on and scarves flying in the wind, we witnessed a magical golden light extending over the shore towards the freezing water of the estuary. The evening was spent warming chilly feet in front of a roaring stove, unpacking the last of the seed catalogues. The perfect way to spend a winter’s day.

The last of the winter sun warms the rusty posts supporting Whitstable's groynes
The last of the day’s sun warms the rusty posts supporting Whitstable’s groynes

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12 comments On "On The Beach"

      1. Yes… Well there are some nice SANDY spots…. I have seen them a little place around the corner called Broadstairs!!!!! Maybe you know it…..

  1. Dan you are priceless – popping out for some champagne and shopping, made me laugh on a very black day. Did you have oysters too? There is something very special about the seaside in winter, especially when the sunshines!

    1. I regret we didn’t have oysters, although we spotted a Christmas tree decorated with oyster shells, which was most appropriate. Champagne before shopping is quite dangerous where I am concerned, as it seems to have an odd opening effect on my wallet and everything suddenly looks very desirable, even Him Indoors!

      1. One should ALWAYS do bubbles when shopping… It goes, champagne, credit card/cash, carry bag…(and maybe some chocolate and Chanel in the carry bag…) All the most desirable things start with C…

      2. I tried beer and shopping today in Truro and it worked reasonably well, although the purchase count was down versus bubbles. We had a baby in tow, so I blame her for distracting me 😉

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