O Christmas Tree!

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Heaven only knows what I did to deserve such an appalling start to the festive season. First a horrendous tummy upset, which began in New York, closely followed by a proper dose of flu as soon as I arrived in Holland. The latter nearly saw me carted off to hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning. The only amusing thing about this is that they wanted to send an ambulance for me – a distance of less than 20 metres as we live opposite our local A&E. Even in my miserable condition I think I might have made it across the road but preferred to stay at home and force Him Indoors to mop my brow instead. Thankfully I am on the mend now, although it will take a while to get completely back to normal. My friends and family have told me off for doing too much, but it is very uncharacteristic for me to be so ill. I just hope there is not a third affliction waiting to pounce in the days ahead, rounding off what at times felt like it could become my Christmas horribilis.

Ready for judging. All four finalists resisted the urge to use baubles and tinsel in favour of more adventurous decorations
Ready for judging. All four finalists resisted the lure of baubles and tinsel in favour of more adventurous decorations

Today I finally got round to watching my appearance on Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas (alas still only watchable in the UK) and enjoyed reliving the experience of judging the tree decorating challenge in the magnificent surroundings of Blenheim Palace. Kirstie Allsopp was lovely, as expected, and very clear that it was to be my choice, although I am sure we both gravitated towards the same winner. I chose Riikka Kemppainen’s Scandinavian seaside themed tree as the show’s champion for one overwhelming reason, which was that she had lovingly handcrafted every single decoration herself, having taken a whole week off work to do it. Then the talented Fin had made herself a dress specially for her TV appearance. That’s true commitment. I felt outcrafted on every level, not having made any of my Christmas decorations and having bought my shirt from Liberty the night before.

Riikka made three seagulls to decorate her tree using needle felt over a handmade wire frame
Riikka made three seagulls to decorate her tree using needle felt over a handmade wire frame

Living by the coast I am normally repelled by anything that might be classed as ‘nautical tat’, which in my view belongs at the foot of a cliff, but Riikka’s tree was fun, inventive and charming, from curled tissue ‘waves’ to gently glowing beach hut lanterns. It’s a tree that would go down well in Broadstairs, especially as those seagulls would make great target practice for a catapult.

Australian stylist Lucy Gough kept it simple yet meaningful with white lights, feathers, glitter and monochrome family portraits
Australian stylist Lucy Gough kept it simple yet meaningful with white lights, feathers, glitter and monochrome family portraits

The tree which I was most chastised for not selecting was Lucy Gough’s simple yet effective ‘family canvas’. Unlike other contenders it showed great restraint and felt like something anyone could replicate at home. The key was the imagery of friends and family that Lucy had reproduced in black and white and attached to branches with paperclips. I also liked the used of clear wire lights which one wouldn’t often see on a green tree. Lucy is a very talented stylist and writes an excellent interiors blog.

Incorporating cherry tomatoes, sprouts and artichokes, Sarah Puckett's tree reflected her passion for pickling
Incorporating cherry tomatoes, sprouts and artichokes, Sarah Puckett’s tree reflected her passion for pickling

Sarah Puckett’s tree, barely discernible beneath a barrowload of veg, garnered a lot of attention in the show for collapsing half way through filming. This was due to a wobbly base rather than an uneven spread of purple cauliflower, or at least that’s what was alleged. In great British style all Sarah’s fellow competitors rallied round and got the tree upright again in time for judging, ready for final adornments of dried lavender, yellow spray roses and pheasant feathers. If there was an award solely for originality, then this tree would have won hands down. My main reason for not making it the winner was its perishability – even after a few hours the cabbage smell was quite pungent, and those cherry tomatoes could cause mayhem trodden into one’s shag pile. Sarah’s pickles do warrant an award and I was very happy to be presented with two jars to take home (after the judging, I might add).

Hawaii After Dark? Lynne made great use of pink and violet-blue lights to create a totally tropical tree
Hawaii After Dark? Lynne made great use of pink and violet-blue lights to create a totally tropical tree

Finally, visual merchandiser Lynne threw out the rule book and festooned her tree with exotic butterflies, crepe-paper flowers, gilded palm leaves and mysterious lighting. The traditional fairy was replaced with an ominous spider’s web and two spiders that looked concerningly tarantula-like. Perhaps they’d had the fairy for supper and were hoping to catch another in their deadly trap. I loved this tree as it reminded me of my wilder years, before Him Indoors came along, when I decorated my own tree with orchids, hummingbirds and bird of paradise flowers. It was an acquired taste, but I loved it.

In the end, any one of these trees would have been a worthy winner and I came away feeling inspired to do something more adventurous myself next year. It would have been nice to have seen what a male contestant could come up with, but the boys were all busy knitting Christmas jumpers, naturally. I’d love to hear which tree is your favourite, or if you hate them all!

Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas is available to view on 4oD

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9 comments On "O Christmas Tree!"

  1. Happy Christmas FG – so sorry to hear that you haven’t been very well, and your family and friends are quite correct – burning the candle at both ends!! I so love these beautiful trees – I tried Channel 4 iview.. but sadly i don’t seem to be able to access. We have just had the re run of Kirsty’s handmade Christmas – 2013! on the tele here- I suppose I have to wait 12 months. Somehow in the world of technology I should be able to access something that is not 12 months old! Thank you for a wonderful year of beautiful and informative posts – they have been so entertaining and I look forward to opening my email each morning, as I know I am likely to see a post from TFG. May the festive season bring you and yours good health, happiness, peace and joy. I will be thinking of you eating Turkey and sprouts whilst we have bbq prawns and mango! Happy Christmas! x

    1. Thanks Helen. I am on the mend now, but thoroughly fed up with being ill. It’s not something I am very good at. I am now up to writing cards and hanging baubles, but mostly I am trying to rest and not cough the house down. Alex’s sympathy ran out fairly fast!I’m so pleased you’ve enjoyed the blog and promise to keep it going. The weather is very mild here today and we have not had a frost in our garden yet, so everything is looking very green and lush. I need to get out there over Christmas and have a jolly good tidy. Enjoy your barbie, I wouldn’t swap you as I love my turkey and sprouts 😉 x

  2. Where to begin…. Thank you so much for entertaining us with your amazing blog. The pictures are marvelous and always interesting. I hope you are feeling better by now. The shirt is a triumph. The christmas trees were fun. My favourite was the Hawaiian one and least was the australian stylist’s minimalist offering…. Not the right spirit needed much more dazzle. Best wishes for 2015

  3. Happy recovery because that doesn’t sound like a fun physical experience. The trees are all interesting because some of my ornaments could be declared antique. 🙂 But, of the four I really like the tropical tree because it looks like something a gardener would create.

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