First Nature

It’s official, my little neice Martha is on the move. She’s a quick learner, like her uncle, and on the eve of being seven months old she has mastered the art of crawling. From a very early age she seems to have had a fascination with nature and the great outdoors. Perhaps it’s an illusion, but I prefer to think not. So far we’ve had to bring the world’s sights, sounds and smells to Martha, but her new found mobility means she can now approach things at her own pace.

Martha’s look of wonderment at this delicate dandelion clock is priceless. Somehow my sister managed to capture her at just the right moment; a picture for the family album indeed. I hope Martha’s love of plants, flowers and animals grows, as my own did, and that she cherishes such things in future.

A-one, a-two, a-three, BLOW!
A-one, a-two, a-three, BLOW!



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12 thoughts on “First Nature

  1. She may look cute now but just you wait. A child let loose in a garden is a weapon of mass destruction. Football, light sabres, horseplay- the list is endless. I’ve got three boys and when they were younger, their ability to destroy my garden knew no limits! All I can say is, Good Luck! Helen


    1. Burst my bubble why don’t you! Of course, my glasses are so rose tinted that they are almost magenta, but I like to imagine we might have the makings of another keen gardener in Martha. The potential for destruction is one of the reasons why I like being able to hand children back when they get out of control! Dan


      1. Well, perhaps I was a little harsh. I’m sure you’ll have a lovely time pottering around the garden with your niece. Girls are usually not quite so destructive as boys! Just watch out for the rose petal perfume- some girls want to make litres of the stuff which needless to say, requires a lot of rose petals! Helen


  2. I have two girls and yes there was a little garden chaos but the joy of sowing seeds together and watching garden wildlife, our love of flowers, growing our own fruit and veg and eating together. You will have a great time and have much to share with your beautiful niece.


  3. What a cute photo! My girls are a little bit older and they love to help out in the garden. Don’t let her help with weeding though, unless you want to lose all your seedlings. 😉


  4. I think it may be best that I don’t tell proud Uncle Dan that moments after this picture was taken Martha ruthlessly decapitated the dandelion and then proceeded to eat it…..From Martha’s mum.


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