Daily Flower Candy – Tulipa ‘Czar Peter’

I’ve been to Sissinghurst today, so am spoilt for choice when it comes to spring sweeties to feature as flower candy. Sorry to disappoint, but I am going to resist temptation and save Sissinghurst’s treats for another occasion. Instead let me introduce you to Tulipa ‘Czar Peter’, a gregii tulip that’s currently flowering in our coastal garden. The gregiis originate from Central Asia where they grow on mountain slopes, hence they are hardy, naturally compact and well suited to cultivation in containers. Mine are densely planted in a large, glazed stoneware bowl that sits in the middle of our garden table.


The Czar, so far, is proving a little schizophrenic. His buds emerged pale and bosomy (please excuse my choice of adjective, but it’s an apt one), sitting proudly above the red striped foliage that all gregiis share. Given a spell in the sun the flowers have opened buttermilk yellow with painterly scarlet markings. The contrast is dramatic, highlighting the poor choice I made in matchmaking the Czar with ice white cyclamen, which have suddenly decided to turn candy pink. No matter, the Czar is definitely the star.

Tulipa ‘Czar Peter’ is available from Avon Bulbs from September.

Tulipa 'Czar Peter', Broadstairs, March 2014

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6 thoughts on “Daily Flower Candy – Tulipa ‘Czar Peter’

  1. Stunning….. It is the tulip version of the Alfred Sisley in Delbard roses…I haven’t seen this here, but I focused on black and white for last years spring and this year I am going to do something much more showy and kill it with yellow daffs and blue accents. Will augment with cheerful pansies Iemon, blue and apricot. I am envious, can’t wait for Sissinghurst. This week has been the international flower and garden show in Melbourne, but has a very different orientation from Chelsea. It is a huge public event promoted by the equivalent of the Daily Mail! So have spent all day pulling out veggie patch number one. Am exhausted! So now have a large glass of chardie enjoying your blog! thanks FG it cheers me up every day…


    1. Hi Helen. Sissinghurst looked beautiful, but by the time you come it should look even better. The countryside around and about was covered in a green haze of emerging leaves. Our spring has arrived ridiculously early this year – it feels more like May did last year. I am really looking forward to our garden road trip and, of course, to Chelsea, which is already being hyped up here. Enjoy that chardie – it’s a bit early for me to join you here in the UK! How are those baby alpacas?


  2. Sissinghurst? You certainly get around. I love this Tulip, it is stunning both in bud and full bloom. I’m not sure that Czar Peter the Great, Emperor of Russia and fearless soldier would appreciate being called ‘bosomy’ though. Still, he’s not around to complain.


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