Daily Flower Candy: Crocus ‘Snow Bunting’ AGM


The problem with crocuses is that no sun + strong winds = flattened blooms that never progress beyond promising buds. Hailing from central Europe and Mediterranean regions, crocuses are bulbs for open spaces with good drainage. Soggy, shady positions render them leggy and liable to flopping over.  2014 has not been their year.

So this morning I moved a pot of 50 Crocus ‘Snow Bunting’ onto the garden table to expose them that bright, mostly absent thing in the sky that we call the sun.  Within minutes the creamy white, delicately striated flowers had started to open. The pack of bulbs cost just £8; worth every penny, even if it was only for a fleeting performance.

More about Crocus ‘Snow Bunting’ AGM on the RHS website