Trevoole, Patchwork Potager, January 2014

We do not get back to Cornwall often enough, but the arrival of my sister’s new baby spurred us into making the five hour journey to the far South West of England by train. During our flying visit we had time to get over to Trevoole Farm, where our friends Beth and Travis have been doing anything other than hibernating.  The restoration work on the unique roundhouse (top of post) has continued apace, creating a stunning new living space.  The walls of the double-height room will be punctuated by reclaimed sash windows and lined with Beth’s enviable collection of vintage books.  The cart house next door already has a mezzanine floor and splendid glazed doors, which give the building the air of a fine old garage.  One can be sure it will look amazing when it’s finished.

Outside the farmhouse at Trevoole, January 2014

Outside, there are some interesting new spaces in the making.  A sunken terrace, perfect for shade-loving ferns and alpines, is shaping up nicely outside the roundhouse.  Already, primulas and thrift are peeping from between hefty chunks of granite, many unearthed during the building work.  A cobbled gully will carry excess water from the garden between the two renovated buildings, straddled by a huge stone slab.  The opportunities for artistic garden-making are there for the taking.  If I know Beth she will take full advantage, employing more gardenalia to complete compositions like the one above.  Never have last-year’s fern fronds looked more alluring!

In exactly a month I will be back in Cornwall for the Bosvigo Hellebore Day, 2014’s second opportunity to indulge in wanton plant purchasing after the RHS London Plant & Design Show on February 21st and 22nd.

Read more about the painstaking restoration of the carthouse and roundhouse on Trevoole’s own WordPress blog.

Rosehips, Trevoole, January 2014

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