New Beginnings

Last night my sister Katherine gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, so today I am a very proud and excited uncle.  Until now I felt some sympathy for those with birth dates quite so close to Christmas and New Year.  With my own birthday on January 12th, I know that it can be difficult to muster much enthusiasm for celebrations so soon after the festive season.  January is generally cold and dark; friends are either detoxing, broke, or both.

Yet January, at the dawn of the New Year, is surely the most appropriate month to celebrate new birth. The days are once again lengthening, bulbs are forcing their way up through the ground and buds are imperceptibly starting to fatten. The hopes of another year lay before us, the possibilities endless, the slate wiped clean again. As I write this short post I am surrounded by packets of seeds, each emblazoned with bright images of what might be given warmth, air, moisture and a little tender loving care. Baby Cooper will require rather more in the way of nurturing than my sweet peas and salvias, but I’ll be willing her to grow as tall as a sunflower, as strong as an oak and as gracefully as a lily.

Top of post, the pure white flowers of Puschkinia scilloides var. libanotica alba.  

Seed packets, January 2014