Daily Flower Candy: Vitis coignetiae AGM

This year’s autumn is turning out to be a long, drawn-out affair – less rocket, more damp squib.  But whatever the weather, a handful of plants are guaranteed to put on a firework display.  Vitis coignetiae, the crimson glory vine, is among them, a sure-fire hit when it comes to blazing colour.  You’ll need a bit of space to get the best out of this vigorous vine, but it’s perfect for sending scrambling through large trees and shrubs, especially evergreens that will provide a backdrop for the leaves as they change colour.  The textural possibilities are endless – imagine the contrast with blue spruce (Picea pungens), lush tree ferns or a simple red-brick wall.  Alas, one can’t look forward to a crop of grapes, as the berries of Vitis coignetiae are small and bitter, but then, one can’t have everything!

Vitis coignetiae, Kenwood House, October 2013