Making Arrangements

This Wednesday I was extended the great honour of arranging the flowers for Trevoole Farm’s NGS open day.  I’m not sure what qualified me for the job, other than a general willingness to have a go, but the opportunity to play with oodles of flowers and a fabulous collection of vintage vessels was far to good to pass up.  If you’re a pro arranger, look away now!

Flowers waiting to be arranged, Trevoole Farm, August 2013

Flower arrangement at Trevoole Farm,  August 2013

Flower arrangements at Trevoole Farm. August 2013

Cream and yellow flower arrangement at Trevoole Farm, August 2013

Hydrangeas and white cosmos, Trevoole Farm, Aug 2013

Bunched anemones, Trevoole Farm, August 2013

Dahlias, feverfew and zinnias, Trevoole Farm, Aug 2013

Arrangement of herbs, brambles, vines and edible flowers, Trevoole Farm, August 2013

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