Daily Flower Candy: Stipa gigantea

Grasses come into their own in late summer, their feathery plumes rendered golden in the lowering sunlight. King of all the garden grasses is Stipa gigantea, the giant feather grass, which alongside Verbena bonariensis classes as the best of all architectural perennials. Given space to develop a wide shuttlecock of seed heads, Stipa gigantea will reward with a fine display, lasting well into winter.


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3 thoughts on “Daily Flower Candy: Stipa gigantea

  1. I have several plantings of Black-flowering Moudry Grass, but they haven’t started blooming yet. I am looking forward to seeing them this year. They are looking quite healthy and green from all of the rain that we had midsummer. Your Stipa Gigantea makes for a lovely photo.

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