The Evening Crowns The Day

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‘The evening crowns the day’ was one of my grandmother’s favourite sayings.  As is so often the case in Cornwall where she lived, a dank, drizzly day has ended with blue skies and warm, dappled sunshine.  The clear light reveals a garden at the height of its powers.  Bright dahlias vie for attention and the air is heavy with the scent of lilies and jasmine.  And there’s still more to come.  The kings of The Watch House garden, Agapanthus africanus, are just about to make their move, bursting forth from dense clumps of strappy leaves with more than 80 flower stems.  In less than a couple of days they’ll be exploding like fireworks in front of our windows, the highlight of our gardening year.

Lilium 'African Queen', Aug 2013

Agapanthus africanus, Aug 2013

Fuchsia, July 2013

Agapanthus africanus in bud, Aug 2013

Begonia flower on granite worktop, July 2013

Agapanthus africanus, Aug 2013

Dahlia 'Firepot', Aug 2013