The Frustrated Gardener

The life and loves of a time-poor plantsman


    • The Frustrated Gardener

      That’s the Echium. They love to lean – they are impossible to keep bolt upright as our soil is too light. Echiums come from the Canary Islands so can take a little frost but not a lot. Might struggle with your climate sadly, but they just scrape by here on the coast where the temperatures are mild.


    • The Frustrated Gardener

      Thanks! There are two of them this year – they seed everywhere so we always have a small clump flowering each summer They will keep on flowering until the frost gets them in December, sometimes January. Then I literally have to fell them with a saw!


      • diversifolius

        I believe you. The only giant perennial around here – a Persicaria polymorpha requires the same brutal treatment in late fall.


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