1 Year Old Today!

Being a capricorn, and therefore a winter baby, I’ve always wished I had a birthday I could celebrate in the summer. And now I do, for today is The Frustrated Gardener’s first birthday.

It all started as a bit of an experiment – to see what blogging was all about and to start expanding my gardening world again. It seems to have worked, just yesterday passing 13,000 views. I guess I can’t call it an experiment any longer. Thank you to everyone who follows me for being my guinea pigs and for all the likes and comments. It makes it all worth the while and keeps me motivated.

As for my celebrations, it’s a party for one, here again at beautiful Wasserburg Anholt in Germany. I’m visiting on business, but what a treat to stay in such a fabulous fairytale castle. Cheers. Happy Birthday to me!


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Welcome! I am The Frustrated Gardener and this is my blog. Thank you for visiting and I hope you like what you find. If so, please let me know and consider subscribing so that you don't miss out on my future trials and tribulations. It would be frustrating without you!

11 thoughts on “1 Year Old Today!

  1. Happy Birthday – have so much enjoyed reading your blog and seeing and reading about so many beautiful plants that are impossible to grow in southern Australia. I will swap you an agapanthus for……the list is endless… Best Wishes Helen


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  2. Happy Birthday to you and thank you for your quality posts and wonderful photos. Personally, I’ve seen and learned a lot from your posts that I would have missed if you hadn’t decided to experiment with blogging. Thank you!


  3. Congratulations on this wonderful occasion ! Simply love the beautiful photos and will definitely be looking forward to more to come. Thank you and have a great time at Germany ! 🙂


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