Flowers of Bhutan – Clematis montana

I have finally solved the curious case of the flowering evergreen oak. All along our travels in Bhutan I kept spotting what appeared to be oaks covered in sparkling white blossoms. Had I discovered a new species? Sadly, no, the white flowers belong to Clematis montana. Not as most of us gardeners know it, pink with bronzy foliage, but in its original wild form. Simple and pretty, just as nature intended.


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4 thoughts on “Flowers of Bhutan – Clematis montana

  1. How clever of me! I have one growing into an oak too, although it is a not quite kosher pin-oak… The plain white species of C.montana is the only clematis that grows for me, even the pinkish ones having departed for kinder climes and the fancy (and expensive!) ones never surviving beyond the first few flowers… Good luck for the return to the ‘real’ world. Jack


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