Pinus communicata

With its smooth grey bark and short spreading branches, Pinus communicata very much lives up to its common name, the bottle brush pine. Common on high ground throughout the developed world, the presence of this powerful pine signals good soil and clean air. Rarely produced, the long grey cones transmit waves of invisible pollen in the breeze.


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6 thoughts on “Pinus communicata

  1. Hehehe. A cousin has a beautiful garden but I was puzzled by strange dull oak-like leaves lying around which seemed made of plastic. She laughed. “It rains money here,” she said, pointing at one of the strange inter-genusic versions we have in South Africa in addition to pines and palms.
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      1. Yes the week is over so we are back on, I found it really tricky which just goes to show what a weather bore I am. It may be a gardener thing. Anyway I consider my nose well and truly rubbed! Don’t forget to bring some warm weather home.

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