Oops! I did it again



Well, it was always going to happen. A dear friend and I made the lengthy pilgrimage to Sissinghurst today and we returned home with box of gems, smaller than it might of been but too good to miss. Most I do have genuine spaces for, others will be found homes regardless. And unlike much that’s available at National Trust properties, these were seriously good value. Having visited Sissinghurst several times before, I was again reminded of the wealth of garden plants that I am still unfamiliar with, or have long forgotten. It’s not just a fascinating garden from a historical or garden design perspective, but also an inspired plantsman’s, or rather plantswoman’s, garden. More to follow tomorrow. Until then, the damage:

Solanum lacinatum x 3 – destined for the back of the border
Rubus irenaeus x 1 – a completely new one on me, but apparently good in shade
Echium tuberculatum x 1 – a new Echium to try – how exciting!
Aster divaricatus x 1 – I grew this in my parents garden so am delighted our paths have crossed once again
Diascia rigescens x 1 – purely because my friend liked it, and I thought I’d give it a go!