Art in Waterlow Park


We are lucky enough to live close to one of North London’s most attractive parks. Waterlow Park was given to the people of London by Sir Sydney Waterlow in 1889 as a “garden for the gardenless” and has provided the people of Highgate with a green and pleasant oasis ever since. The views towards the city are punctuated with all the famous landmarks, and now the towering Shard.

On the edge of the park, Lauderdale House provides a venue for concerts and refreshments for visitors. It also hosts a rolling programme of art exhibitions. On visiting last night I was struck by this accomplished painting by Irish-born North London resident Shelley Bewtra. It captures a piece of Water Hawthorn (Aponogeton distachyum) floating on still water, with weeds streaming in the current beneath. It is neither literal or abstract, but somehow captures the scene perfectly and makes a wonderful composition.