The frustrated gardener is born….


So often I find myself in the garden, mulling over new ideas and plans for future seasons.  So, when rain stopped play this afternoon, I decided to finally take the plunge and set up a blog to share the real love of my life – my garden and all the wonderful plants in it.

So, why “frustrated”?  Well, that would be down to a number of things.  To begin with, my heart says it wants to garden acres, rather than the few small but perfectly formed square metres I actually have.  A home for all those dream plants, for trees that will outlive me, and for vast prairie-like swathes of lush vegetation.  Meanwhile, my head knows that those few metres already keep me incredibly busy, having created a space that’s the converse of low maintenance – an idea I have never had a lot of time for!  So, I continue to give in to my plant kleptomania, buying plants and sowing seeds, just for the sheer joy of it and hoping, one day, that dream of a big garden (and time to tend to it) comes true.  Until then, I hope you enjoy my reflections on the many pleasures and challenges of creating a small garden.