The frustrated gardener is born….

So often I find myself in the garden, mulling over new ideas and plans for future seasons.  So, when rain stopped play this afternoon, I decided to finally take the plunge and set up a blog to share the real love of my life – my garden and all the wonderful plants in it.

So, why “frustrated”?  Well, that would be down to a number of things.  To begin with, my heart says it wants to garden acres, rather than the few small but perfectly formed square metres I actually have.  A home for all those dream plants, for trees that will outlive me, and for vast prairie-like swathes of lush vegetation.  Meanwhile, my head knows that those few metres already keep me incredibly busy, having created a space that’s the converse of low maintenance – an idea I have never had a lot of time for!  So, I continue to give in to my plant kleptomania, buying plants and sowing seeds, just for the sheer joy of it and hoping, one day, that dream of a big garden (and time to tend to it) comes true.  Until then, I hope you enjoy my reflections on the many pleasures and challenges of creating a small garden.


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3 thoughts on “The frustrated gardener is born….

  1. I’ve come all the way back here to find out if the pots of bulbs are intended for Broadstairs or if you have a London garden as well – or perhaps a balcony? After my earlier comment about envying your small scale, I had to smile on reading why you area a ‘frustrated’ gardener. Jack

    1. Hi Jack. All these pots are for Broadstairs. I have yet to start on London as the garden is full of scaffolding and it looks miserable. Plus the squirrels watch me from above and whip the tulips out almost as quickly as I plant them, so chicken wire is called for! I keep meaning to do a page about the London garden so thanks for prompt.

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