Plant Portraits

Bella Donnas

Reading time 3 minutes

Amaryllis belladonna: Jersey lily, naked lady, belladonna amaryllis    We gardeners spend so much time and energy trying to cultivate plants which aren’t 100% […]

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Plant Portraits: Dicksonia antartica

Reading time 9 minutes

For a while in the nineties, when television programmes such as Home Front and Ground Force ruled the air waves, tree ferns almost became […]

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Plants Portraits: Acanthus spinosus

Reading time 1 minute

It’s not often that I make time to really study a plant or flower in detail.  Last weekend, whilst staying with family, I seized […]

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Plant Portraits: Digitalis sceptrum

Reading time 6 minutes

For the most part, the experience of gardening is a succession of small triumphs and minor failures, all of which make us stronger people […]

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