Our Coastal Garden

Growing My Own Tree of Life

Reading time 11 minutes

For the last three summers I have been growing airplants outside in the Jungle Garden. Secured to the branches of a tree in dappled […]

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In Print: Broadstairs Beacon

Reading time 9 minutes

If I had to sum up the business ethic in Thanet, I would describe it as entrepreneurial. Everywhere one looks someone is opening a […]

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Plant Profile: Lilium ‘Whistler’

Reading time 5 minutes

This spring I potted up more lilies than ever before. My intention was to bridge that awkward gap between the tulips fading and the […]

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The Watch House in Early May

Reading time 10 minutes

I’m a little bit stuck at the moment. I don’t so much have writers’ block as writers’ constipation; that is, lots of posts backing […]

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April Showers

Reading time 11 minutes

Unpredictability is the name of the game when it comes to British weather, but one old proverb certainly promises to ring true in 2019: […]

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Reading time 7 minutes

Some days and some jobs are just awkward. Some days some jobs are awkward and the next day they feel straightforward. Why? I don’t […]

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Spick and Span*

Reading time 8 minutes

Despite still feeling grotty, the opportunities presented by a weekend of unbroken sunshine were too good to miss. I had been waiting months for […]

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