The life and loves of a plantsman

Introducing Two Good Gardeners

Reading time 3 minutes

I’ve been working on an exciting new project, a podcast with my friend and fellow gardener Julia Parker. Finally, we have recorded and released episode 1, which you can listen to here.

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A Walk On The Wild Side

Reading time 4 minutes

Is there any day quite as awkward as a substitute Bank Holiday? Although these rare days ought to feel like a gift, there’s something […]

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Introducing The Twixmas Tidy

Reading time 8 minutes

You may have heard of the Chelsea Chop or the Hampton Hack, but have you been introduced to the Twixmas Tidy? If not, read on to discover how you might fill the strangely disorientating days between Christmas and New Year.

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Glad Tidings

Reading time 4 minutes

As I take a break between cleaning the house, wrapping presents and mopping the water that’s dripping through the roof, I hear the lyrics […]

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Your Garden In November

Reading time 33 minutes

November is a ‘do or die’ month. The onerous first frost that gardeners mutter about signals the demise of all that’s tender. You can take a gamble for so long, but ultimately you must act if you want to keep certain plants.

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Your Garden In October

Reading time 35 minutes

October can be glorious or ghastly, depending on how the weather gods are feeling. I recall travelling to Delhi in October 2011 and the […]

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