Garden Diary: March 2020

Reading time 28 minutes

Who could have predicted that the Month of March would end as it did? Over the course of two weeks our daily routines changed […]

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Reading time 4 minutes

  Although the shortest day is firmly behind us, the bitter bulk of winter lies ahead. We’ve got off lightly here in Broadstairs. It […]

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When The Wind Blows

Reading time 10 minutes

I am not a cold person, temperature or temperament wise, but when the wind blows from the north, as it did this weekend, I […]

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Reading time 6 minutes

  “It never rains, but it pours” is an English expression which means that when troubles come, they all come together. This week the […]

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So Far, So Good!

Reading time 4 minutes

  Day two of our garden opening is always a more relaxed affair and I am thoroughly looking forward to it. On day one […]

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Savage Spring

Reading time 3 minutes

Last night, as we lay in bed, it was almost as if a BBC special effects man was standing outside the bedroom window chucking […]

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