The Very Best of 2013 – A Year In Pictures

Reading time 15 minutes

When I wrote my equivalent post this time last year, I thought 2012 was a momentous year, but reflecting on 2013 I find the last twelve […]

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Wallington Hall, Cambo, Northumberland

Reading time 9 minutes

Northumberland is a wonderful, wild, unspoilt county in the north of England, once the frontier between rampaging Celts and civilised Romans. The region is […]

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Herterton House, Cambo, Northumberland

Reading time 8 minutes

To my great shame I have never visited Northumberland before, although I once pretend to for a school project on organic farming. Sorry Mrs […]

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Growing North

Reading time 1 minute

In honour of Him Indoors’ birthday we’ve had a lovely long weekend in northern England. We managed to squeeze in five completely different gardens […]

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Daily Statue Candy: Neptune

Reading time 1 minute

This is Neptune, standing proud above the entrance to the walled gardens at Wallington, Northumberland. He has many fine attributes, including his trident and […]

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