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Fond Farewells

Reading time 7 minutes

  If it were not for the soft patter of rain on the skylight above my desk, I might hear a pin drop. My […]

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Daily Flower Candy: Chorizema ilicifolium

Reading time 4 minutes

Yesterday, after several abortive attempts, I finally managed to drag Him Indoors to Derry Watkins’ Special Plants Nursery at Cold Ashton, near my home […]

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Reading time 3 minutes

There’s a day or two every February when the sun shines, the air feels warm, the wind drops, and one could be fooled into […]

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Daily Flower Candy: Kangaroo Apple

Reading time 1 minute

One of my surprise survivors from last year Solanum laciniatum, the Kangaroo Apple, may finally have outgrown its welcome. The plants were bought from […]

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Preparing for Spring

Reading time 4 minutes

Last weekend it was time to get my potted bulbs into the ground before I went on my travels. Because we have a lot […]

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